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Fortex Brokerage is a third-party logistics ground freight transportation company. High standards of service, good organization and planning allow us to achieve the fundamental goal at every stage of our activity - to save time and effort of the client. Today, our company looks into the future with confidence, relying on further cooperation with its customers, firmly guarantees the high quality of its services. We are constantly working to improve the quality of service and expertise of our employees. Our work is based on the use of creativity, innovation and the latest achievements in the field of transportation of goods and customs.


Food delivery is a rather specific transport service. It requires strict adherence to sanitary standards. In addition, transportation of food must be carried out in a certain temperature regime. We will carry out transportation of food in the temperature mode necessary for such a cargo in accordance with all the regulations. Flexibly adapt the proposed solution so that it most suits your needs, responds to the specifics of the seasons or changes in volumes, as well as unpredictable circumstances during transportation. Our priority is to deliver the required quantity of goods of the expected quality to a certain place properly and on time.

The purpose of manufacturing logistics: reducing costs while improving the quality of the product in the process of transformation of the material flow in the production processes within the enterprise. Also, the use of manufacturing logistics is important during the organization of the production of complex goods, when cooperation is a necessary condition. For example, in case of need to transport a product of production, operations on its transportation can be an object of manufacturing logistics, subject to the use of its own transport. In the case of attracting transport of other organizations, these operations become the object of transport logistics, and not production.

Pharmaceutical logistics is a special segment in the service sector, as companies delivering medical goods, biological materials and life-supporting substances have special requirements. Reliable and timely delivery of pharmaceutical and biological products directly affects the profits of the medical industry. To provide quality care to patients and minimize financial risks, it is necessary to comply with logistic accuracy and all difficult storage conditions at each stage of transportation. This is critical primarily because of the specific items - expensive, temperature-sensitive and urgent drugs.

The field of technology and electronics is a market segment characterized by rapid development and short product life cycles. A private customer or company seeks to obtain high-tech or electronics products before it becomes obsolete. Therefore, special criteria are applied to logistics in the field of electronics and technologies, which allow to put all these features into practice. With whatever your business, electronic, computer industry, telecommunications or semiconductors, we understand it and are ready to offer a solution to your problems that meets the requirements of modern logistics.

Retail business faces diverse and numerous challenges, including entering new markets and providing high quality services in a rapidly growing commercial environment in an industry with high demands. To solve these problems, logistics chains must provide uninterrupted service, taking into account all of the above factors. DHL specialists are not afraid of difficulties: together with customers we develop solutions and improve them.


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